Adaptation, 2015. 

100 Year Substation/Council of SVOO Newport

100 YEARS explores the diverse history, architecture and location of THE SUBSTATION building. 30 artists from across disciplines will be in residence over two weeks, taking over the entire gallery. Working with imagery, performance, documentation, sound and installation, the artists will respond to and interpret the site in celebration and recognition of our centennial.

THE COUNCIL OF SVOO is an open collective of artists responding to site in an architectural, historical, and socio-political context. Part of their core methodology involves engaging with new and emerging artists, and building networks through site-responsive projects.

Adaptation is a response to the constant stream of change that comes with the passing of time. Sometimes it feels that in order to stay relevant in a constantly evolving landscape, either functionality or curiosity must be maintained. In response to the structures within the substations walls, she chose the latter

Exhibition catalogue